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We keep classes small so that we can provide everyone with plenty of support & the best experience to begin a fantastic clay journey. All our classes run every day when we are open, they just need to be booked in advance.


General Info -


  • Sessions are all suitable for beginners, No prior knowledge is necessary.
  • We can host group bookings of up to 8 people
  • The sessions make great gifts and are all available as gift vouchers.


2hr class

Our Positive Pots class is about celebrating the human body in all its beautiful & diverse forms. Its a really fun class that can be both hilarious and heart warming at the same time.


We start by showing you how to create your item, this may be planter, vase, Mug or Jug- using either coils or slabs of clay.


We then use additional clay to add the Bits!!

Any body part big or small can be added- Noses, Boobs, Missing Boobs, Tummy, Bums, Body Fluff - Even the naughty bits can be added!


The class includes firing & return glazing session. 




2 x 2hr classes


Come & join us as we show you how to make a couple of garden gnomes, finished with AJ style faces, and other personal touches to make them unique.


You then return to the studio 3 weeks later, to glaze your creations - collection is 1 week later.



14yrs +

2.5-3hr class


Come & join us whilst we make either a floral wreath or wall hanger.


We show you how to prepare & make your base, then show you how to sculpt the flowers & leaves, before adding them to your creation.


Bisque firing is included in the session fee,they can then be painted with acrylics at home

OR you can return to the studio for a glazing session (£15pp)



14yrs +

A 1-1.5 hr hour class, that includes a return visit to glaze your cup 2-3 weeks later.


In this step by step class you are shown how to prepare & texture a slab of clay. You are then shown how to build your cup, adding texture, decoration and a handle.


14 yrs +


Come & join us making a fabulous little breakfast set in this 2-2.5 hour class.

This class uses the pottery wheel, GR Forms and slabs to make a Cereal bowl,Breakfast plate, Toast plate and either a Mug or juice tumbler.


There is nothing nicer than eating your breakfast from your very own handmade pots.


The class includes simple glazing ready for collection 3-4 weeks later. Should you wish to design and glaze your own pots this is an additional £15pp per session.

Pottery Taster Class £35pp 

14 years +

A great introduction to the fabulous world of clay hand building. This is a great all rounder class that will suit the needs of many, 2-2.5hr class.


During the class we use either pinch pots, coils or slabs to make some fabulous clay creations by hand. We demostrate the method of construction along with how to shape, attach, blend and add texture & surface decoration to your creation.



The class includes bisque firing, your creations can then be painted with acrylics at home.


you may wish to return to the studio at a later date to glaze your item yourself, this is an additional £15pp per session.


14yrs +


A fabulous 3 hour step by step class to make a fabulous bird box for the garden.


You will prep your clay and cut out the individual pieces using templates, before constructing your bird house from your slabs of clay. Once built we then add finishing touches, that makes your bird house unique.


Firing & clear glaze is included in the session fee, should you wish to return to the studio to add colour glaze your creation its an additional £15pp per session.


14 yrs +

A fabulous 3hr step by step class. You decide on the style of house from our many examples, then you are then shown how to constuct the house along with all the quirky touches. If you wish, these can be made into lanterns.


Bisque Firing is included in the session fee, ready for painting with acrylics at home


If you wish to return to the studio to have your creations glazed, its an additional £15pp per session.





TUES: 10-4pm*

WED: 10-4pm*

THUR: 10-4pm

FRI: 10-4pm*

SAT: 10-4pm*



We have changed our opening days, please dont worry if you are booked in on a Sunday- We haven't forgotten you, the classes are going ahead as planned


* We may not be in the studio if no one is booked in.


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When classes are running, we cant always get to the phone.We answer mail & messages before & after classes. We endeavour to get back to you within 24hrs during opening times.

 Friendly Reminder:


Due to very limited storage space, I'm afraid I can only keep all your beatiful handmade & painted pots for 1 month.


After that point,sadly all Uncollected pots will be disposed off.

COLLECTING your pots...


If we are not in the studio when you collect your pots, dont worry, Simply take your ticket number to the sales desk just outside the studio, and the staff will kindly get your pots for you.

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