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Our friendly Classes run everyday except Mondays, all need to be booked in advance.


To book - Simply ring the studio or send us a message, we check availability & provisionally book you in. The reservation is held for 24 hours whilst you pay your Class fee, once paid your booking is confirmed. Painters pay an £8 per person deposit.


General Info -


  • Sessions are all suitable for beginners, No prior knowledge is necessary.
  • We recommend that children are aged 8 years and over, unless otherwise stated.
  • Classes are kept small with just 1-4 persons, unless of course you are coming as part of a larger group.
  • We can host group bookings of up to 8 people. 
  • The sessions make great gifts and are all available as gift vouchers.


We have three potters wheels in the studio.

Come & have some fun throwing pots. An Individual session lasts around an hour. You get a ball of clay and are guided through the basic steps to make a pot. Once you have done your first pot with assistance, you then get a second ball of clay and time to practice on the wheel yourself.


DOUBLE SESSION: You can book double sessions, giving you 2 hours wheel time & 4 balls of clay for £50.


You can have your pots fired and simply glazed at a cost of £5 per pot or alternativley take them home to air dry on the day & paint at home with acrylics.


Note: Children need to be aged 8 years and over so that they can reach the peddles safely & follow the instructions given to them. There is maximum of 2 adult spectators during children's sessions.


Spectators also need to be booked in due to covid restrictions on numbers.



Whilst the pandemic risks remain, for everyones safety

Face Masks must be worn during our wheel classes - This is due to the up close & personal nature between tutor & guests during wheel classes.



Potters wheel Experience & Decoration £35


This combines the wheel class above with an extra hour & some more clay to add surface decoration to your creations. 2hr Class


You may want to add handles to make a cup or jug, or you may wish to change & alter the shape of your thrown pots. We have lots of cutters & stamps that can be used to make your pot personal & unique.


After the session you can take home your creations to air dry & paint with acrylics


you may have them fired, then return to glaze them 3 weeks later at a cost of £5 per pot.




Whilst the pandemic risks remain, for everyones safety

Face Masks must be worn during our wheel classes - This is due to the up close & personal nature between tutor & guests during wheel classes.

1:1 Potters Wheel Tuition £65


A 3 hour class, where you will be shown various techniques to centre, pull and shape pots on the potters wheel. We work slowly through each step of the process giving you feedback and time to practice the techniques.


Due to the intense level of this class it is for 1 participant at a time and for adults only.




Whilst the pandemic risks remain, for everyones safety

Face Masks must be worn during our wheel classes - This is due to the up close & personal nature between tutor & guests during wheel classes.

Half Day Pottery Experience £45pp

The Pottery Experience is a great fun introduction to clay. The session starts by rolling your sleeves up & throwing some pots on the wheel, this is followed by a few hours of handbuilding, using either the tradional coiling or slab building methods.


You are shown the basic steps to mould, shape & assemble your clay, then left to create your masterpiece.



We have lots of ideas in the studio & help on hand by our friendly team. The session ususally lasts around 3 hours.


Vases, pet dishes, Cups, tea lights & lidded pots are all popular makes during this session. There are lots of ideas in the studio.


You can have your creations fired & return to glaze them at a cost of £10, or you can take them home after the session to air dry & paint with acrylics.


Children need to be 8 yrs & over 


Full Day Pottery Experience £70pp

This fabulous fun filled day explores lots of elements of pottery making.


You will cover pot throwing on the wheel making 2-3 pots, followed by building an item by hand. The day comes to an end painting an item of Bisque pottery.


You will choose an item to make from our many ideas in the studio, then you are shown you the pottery method to built it, showing you how to shape, blend & attach the clay together to form your masterpiece.


We stop for a small lunch break. Either bring a packed lunch with you, or sanwiches, hot barms & pies can be purchased from the food outlets on site (additional cost).


Hot drinks included and available during your session.


Once your creations are made, relax with some pottery painting, we have lots of bisque pots to choose from and its a lovely way to bring the day to an end.


10.15 - 4pm ish




Approx 1.5 hr hour class, includes return visit to glaze your cup 2-3 weeks later.


In this step by step class you are shown how to prepare & texture a slab of clay. You will then build your cup, add texture & decoration and a handle.



3-4 hour class.

Come & join us making a fabulous little breakfast set

This class uses the pottery wheel, GR Forms and slabs to make a Cereal bowl,Breakfast plate, Toast plate and either a Mug or juice tumbler.


There is nothing nicer than eating your breakfast from your very own handmade pots.


The class includes simple glazing ready for collection 3-4 weeks later. Should you wish to design and glaze your own pots this is an additional £10.

2 hour Pottery Class £30

Aprox 2hr class


A great introduction to the fabulous world of clay hand building. This is a great all rounder class that will suit the needs of many, from Families or couples having fun time together to those with some experience who want to continue their clay journey.


Come join us in this step by step class as we use pinch pots, coils or slabs to make some fabulous clay creations by hand.


Planters, Vases, butter dish's, fruit strainers, lidded pots, pet dishes,  lanterns, Gnomes & simple animals are all popular makes - there's loads of choice and ideas in the studio.


You may be wanting to make a keepsake gift for a special occasion, whatever you decide we will help you make your creation something to treasure forever.




The class includes simple glazing by sharon ready for collection, should you wish to return to the studio 3-4weeks later to glaze your item yourself, this is an additional £10.

Bird House £45


A fabulous 3 hour step by step class to make a fabulous bird box for the garden.


You will prep your clay and cut out the individual pieces using templates, before constructing your bird house from your slabs of clay. Once built we then add finishing touches, that makes your bird house unique.


Firing & clear glaze is included in the session fee, should you wish to return to the studio to add colour glaze your creation its an additional £10.


Children need to be 12 years & over for this class.

Go-It-Alone Session £20pp

This is a 1.5 hr Go-it-Alone Clay Session.

On arrival you are given a ball of clay, some simple modelling books & tools, then left to go it alone.


This session is great for those that dont want a guided class, but just want to explore & allow their own creativity to take shape

For adults & Children aged 5 years +

(Maximum of 2 spectator's during the session)


Creations are taken home at the end of the session or can be fired at a cost of £5 per item, then collected at a later date. 

Flower Making Class £50

In this 3-4 hour flower making class, we show you how to make a variety of flowers, there are loads to choose from

daisies, daffodils,roses carnations, hydrandas,dahilias to name a few.

Pick which flowers you wish to make and we show you step by step how to create them in clay.


The class includes simple glazing by sharon, ready for collection 3-4 weeks later. Should you wish to return to glaze your flowers yourself, it is an additional £10.


Children need to be 12 years + to attend this class.

Christmas Decorations Class £25pp

(Runs August-January)

A fabulous festive class making some awesome memories along with some Christmas decorations. A favourite with both adults & Children.


We first make either a coiled Christmas tree or tree or snowman illuminary ornament, then make several hanging decorations either for the wall or your Christmas Trees



Class Includes firing for you to collect 2-3 weeks later and finish with acrylics at home. Alternativley you can return to the studio and colour glaze them £10pp.


2hr class

Children must be aged 5+, maximum of 1 spectator.

Pottery Painting BTW £12-£30pp



We have a selection of ceramic pottery in the studio that can be glaze painted & left with us for firing (collected a week later)





Can be painted with acrylics

 & taken home after the session

Please note: Due to very limited storage space in the studio, I'm afraid I can only hold onto your beautiful painted pots for 1 month. After that point, sadly uncollected pots will be diposed off.





TUES: 10-4pm*

WED: 10-4pm*

THUR: 10-4pm*

FRI: 10-4pm*

SAT: 10-4pm*



* We may not be in the studio if no one is booked in


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 Friendly Reminder:


Due to very limited storage space, I'm afraid I can only keep all your beatiful handmade & painted pots for 1 month.


After that point,sadly all Uncollected pots will be disposed off.

COLLECTING your pots...


If we are not in the studio when you collect your pots, dont worry, Simply take your ticket number to the sales desk just outside the studio, and the staff will kindly get your pots for you.

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